Because a person’s first impression of a home is based on the exterior, boosting curb appeal can go a long way to catching buyers’ attention. If you’re planning to sell your home, make sure you take care of these simple fixes beforehand.

Tidy Up the Driveway
People pay close attention to a home’s driveway, as well as any pathways that may lead to the backyard or elsewhere. Make sure these are free of weeds, oil stains or cracks. This might mean paving it over, but you also have the option of using interlocking bricks or tiles, which add a touch of class and are relatively inexpensive if you’re only replacing a small space.

Mow Your Lawn
Don’t fear. You don’t need an impeccably landscaped yard or a selection of shrub statues to give your home curb appeal. That being said, a green, weed-free lawn is appealing to look at and gives people a sense that your home is well-maintained. Keep the weeds out and keep the lawn trimmed. Another option is to lay Astro Turf, or a similar artificial lawn. Just roll it out and enjoy!

Exterior Details
Much like the quality of your lawn, the state of your home’s exterior gives buyers a sense of how comfortable it is inside. If your exterior needs a fresh coat of paint, this can go a long way to improving first impressions. However, don’t forget about your doors, window frames and garage, which are even more noticeable. Keep these clean and apply a fresh coat of paint if needed. Consider other details too, like replacing your mailbox or doorbell with something more sophisticated or contemporary.

Curb appeal isn’t necessarily about having the most lavish home on the block, but it is about noticing details and maintaining the basics. A clean, tidy and polished exterior is important to buyers and is more likely to attract offers.