When selling your home, you have to look closely at what you’re offering. If your home looks outdated, buyers will be turned off from the property.

Carpeted Bathrooms
Many a luxury bathroom at one point in time went heavy on the carpets, often covering entire floors in them. And while sinking your bare feet onto a plush carpet in the winter is arguably one of the most luxurious feelings in a home, mixing carpets with rooms prone to dampness is never a good idea. If you want your luxury home to sell, stick to tile or laminate in the bathroom and opt for a plush bath mat or throw rug.

Plastic Furniture Covers
Plastic covers on sofas and armchairs were all the rage in upscale homes at one time, indicating that your furniture was, in fact, just too fancy to be sat upon. But today’s luxury homeowners prioritize function, comfort and style in their home, and plastic covers have no place there. If you’re really worried about stains or pet damage, opt for furniture in an easy-to-clean material or with slipcovers, which can easily be taken off and thrown in the wash.

Wallpaper, Everywhere
It’s true that wallpaper is having a bit of renaissance. Today’s wallpaper, however, is either neutral in colour and pattern or bold and elegant, but used sparingly. Brightly-coloured wallpaper, on every wall and the ceiling risks being off-putting for new luxury buyers. Keep the wallpaper to small spaces, like entry ways, powder rooms or accent walls, and avoid patterns that are overwhelming.