We’ve all seen an opulent home on television, staged perfectly to appeal to buyers. When you’re dealing with a small condo like many Canadians, however, you might not have the luxury of unlimited square footage to impress. The good news? You can still make the most of your space with these tricks:

Maximize natural light. Though many condo owners rely on roller shades or heavy drapes for privacy, these both add unnecessary weight and limit light in a small space. Instead, try hanging sheer shades and push them all the way to the sides of the window to showcase it fully.

Use a single colour on the walls. In a small space, painting in a single colour can really open up the home and create an illusion of flow. White can be a good option as it’s bright and makes a great blank canvas for buyers to imagine their own belongings against, but so can light grey, blue or taupe.

Pick a focal point. Without the luxury of space and multiple rooms, you might have to pick a single focal point in your home. This might be a killer skyline view, a cozy fireplace or a large piece of art. Arrange your furniture to maximize this focal point.

Get rid of what impedes the flow. Many stagers store extra furniture or belongings for the duration of the selling period. Do you really need four kitchen chairs, or will just two work? Can you replace the bulky media unit with a sleek console? Think about the flow of your small space and store what gets in the way.