From smart apps to low-flush toilets, it seems like the environmentally-friendly design trend is here to stay in Canada. In fact, with rating systems like LEED, which reward green buildings for each feature they implement, smart apps seem destined to be a bigger part of real estate and development than ever. But did you know that incorporating environmentally-friendly practices into your home can actually save you money? Here’s how:

A simple way to save money and energy is to swap out your lightbulbs for LEDs. Not only do they cast a much more flattering light, but they use less heat and energy and can last up to 20 years before needing to replaced again. How’s that for savings?

Smart Home Apps
The few seconds it takes to install a smart app can make a big impact on your utility bills. Control things like your lights, thermostat and even your appliances, remotely. Who doesn’t love coming home to a nice warm home in the winter? With a smart app, you don’t have to leave the heat on all day to achieve this, which also means that you don’t have to pay for that heating all day. Just program it to turn on before you leave the office and you’ll get the same effect, with way less in utility bills.

Recycle Your Dishwater
Dish or bathwater, sometime called greywater, often goes to waste. And, while it’s not like you can use it to make cocktails, it does make a great option for watering plants. You can get fancy and install a water reclamation system in your home, or just save the water yourself in a bottle and use as necessary.