Lighting is a defining feature in our living environment, and, like virtually every other aspect of the home, it has received “the smart treatment.” While smart lighting might sound gimmicky at first, the reality is that it can provide serious advantages. If you’re on the fence about upgrading to a high-tech light system, here are a few ways that it can improve your daily life.

Boost Your Energy Levels
Believe it or not, there are a variety of ways that smart lighting can help you feel more energized. These days, you can set most systems to align with your circadian rhythm and mimic natural light throughout the day, meaning the lights gradually brighten in the morning as you’re waking up and slowly dim in the evening before you go to bed. Research suggests this may help to improve your sleep quality and naturally end your sleep cycle in the morning, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to seize the day.

Energy Efficiency
If you want to make your home more eco-friendly and lower your energy bill, the good news is that smart lighting systems tend to use significantly less energy than traditional lights. In fact, an energy-efficient LED bulb, which these systems use, can run on anywhere from 25 percent -80 percent less energy than an incandescent bulb and last up to 25 times longer. You can even use smart sensors that turn the lights on when someone is in a room and automatically turn off when it’s empty.

Take Control
Being able to control your lights via your smartphone is an extremely handy feature. For starters, you can turn the lights on as soon as you’re in the driveway and avoid the unsettling feeling of entering a dark house. When you’re on vacation, you’ll never have to worry if you forgot to turn all the lights off and, even better, you can turn them on at night for an extra layer of security when you’re away.

Mood Lighting
Lastly, smart lights are an excellent way to set the tone for any occasion. You can have specific settings for a moody dinner party that lends a touch of warmth to the atmosphere or task lighting that you can switch on when curling up with a book for the evening.