We spend most of our free time in our home”its where we sleep, eat, host friends and spend time with family. With that in mind, its important to ensure the environment we spend this time in is contributing positively to our health, rather than potentially hurting us.

As we all become more and more conscious of toxins and the way indoor environments can affect us, everyone is eager to make their home as healthy as possible. Here are a few ways to keep your home from becoming a potentially harmful place.

Install a Water Filter
While some people choose to employ a whole house, reverse osmosis water filtration system to remove chemicals, an easier and more affordable option is to buy a high-quality drinking water filter, like the Berkey, and a shower filter to compliment it. Cities pump chemicals into the water, including fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals”all of which can contribute to chronic health issues down the line. These simple and affordable filters will leave your home with clean, chemical-free water.

Buy an Air Purifier
Particularly important if you have pets or a family member suffering from allergies or asthma, an air purifier will help rid the air of bacteria, dander, mold and other pollutants circulating throughout your home. Since dust tends to be the culprit for many home-allergy sufferers, a vacuum with a HEPA filter can also help protect you when dust is being moved around the most, such as during cleanings.

Upgrade Your Mattress
Due to fire regulations, many of us are spending a third of our day sleeping on a bed that is soaked in flame retardant chemicals that can be harmful to us. Consider saving up to replace your mattress with a natural latex one (make sure it’s made of 100 per cent natural latex and not synthetic latex, which introduces its own health issues), or one that is organic and clearly marked PBDE-free. If you’re looking for mattresses manufactured in Canada, Essentia has many natural, latex options.

Use Non-Toxic Paint
Painting your home is the cheapest and easiest way to completely change the dcor. Its a great way to spruce up a space and change the vibe of a room; however, paint can be one of the most toxic products you have in your home, and those toxins remain for years after the paint dries. Purchasing paint that is certified VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compound) will ensure youre not breathing in those toxins while youre painting, or after when youre living in the freshly painted space. It will cost a little more than traditional paint, but your health (and the reduced smell) are worth the extra investment.

Published with permission from RISMedia.