Whether you’ve just moved into your luxury home or you’re planning to sell and want to stage it as optimally as possible, there are a lot of elements to consider. We’ve all seen luxury homes so terribly decorated that they did little justice to the home’s stately architecture or premium finishes. Don’t let that be you! Here are some tips for staging luxury interiors.

Don’t worry about matching the interior style to the architecture. In Canada, there are so many architectural styles for luxury homes, from hard loft conversions to futuristic luxury condos, to sprawling Tudor-style estates and everything in between. However, that doesn’t mean your interior decorating style has to match your exterior. A Tudor-style home doesn’t have to feature period furniture. Likewise, a contemporary condominium can have mid-century modern elements and a heritage home can feature a mix of vintage and modern accessories.

Splurge on areas that get a lot of use. When it comes to luxurious materials and finishes, think about the spaces that get the most use. In most homes, that tends to be the kitchen and entertaining spaces, so investing in high-end kitchen finishes and luxurious living room furniture makes sense. Bathrooms and bedrooms are also areas of importance, so high-end bath towels and bed covers are key splurge items, as well.

Mixing textiles is key. Another way to convey luxury is by the look and feel of textiles or surfaces. Cool marble elements or throw pillows in rich velvet or mohair immediately give an upscale vibe to a room. In smaller spaces, you can also achieve this with a tactile wallpaper, such as grasscloth.

Keep it impersonal. Luxury buyers are looking for a high-end space where they can imagine setting down roots and housing their own belongings. That’s why it’s crucial to stick to neutral colours and remove personal items, be they photos or accessories. Let your home offer more of a hotel-like feel, so buyers can imagine themselves in the space.