Buying or building a high-end home for the first time? These properties have a goal to go above and beyond anything you would find in traditional real estate, so buyers should always be on the lookout for the following to ensure what they’re buying is truly luxury and they won’t have to spend any time building extras into the home.

Open concept floor plans. The goal is for the home to look and feel as large and airy as possible, and too many walls take away from that goal. Also, don’t forget the entryway staircase—two are better than one. High-end homes demand that when someone enters, they immediately feel like they’re somewhere special. 

Exercise, game and theatre rooms. Who wants to make a trip to an offsite gym? Having a fully decked out home gym is a necessary part of a high-end home. Not only should it have the best possible machines and equipment, but a great view and a fully stocked water fridge. And if you’re a big movie fan, a home theatre is a must.

Technology is key. If it’s important to you, look for a home decked out in the latest in smart technology, from lighting to climate control and the security system. Today’s buyers also expect that the home is as environmentally friendly as possible, and the smarter your home system is the better it is for the environment.

Extensive walk-in closets. One of the truest marks of a high-end home is the amount and size of the walk-in closets available. Closet space is incredibly important when dealing with someone with unlimited purchasing power. A properly designed dressing room includes abundant shelving and racks, gorgeous lighting and ceiling-to-floor mirrors.