There is always a lot of discussion about appreciation, but what about depreciation? The housing market is constantly changing, and in a time when more and more homeowners are engaging in house flipping, it’s important to be aware of turnoffs that potential buyers will notice.

DIY Renovations
Some DIY projects, like putting up a small garden shed or setting up a flagstone patio, can turn out great and even manage to catch the eye of buyers on a home tour. However, some whimsical creative projects stand the test of time better than others, and that dodgy siding job you did a few summers back might look a little less charming to agents than it does to your spouse. If you’re absolutely insistent on doing a major renovation project before putting a home for sale, hire a reputable contractor.

Curb Appeal
Buyers occasionally do overlook the exterior if the interior is dreamy enough to steal their hearts, but don’t forget that the outside of the home speaks volumes. Do whatever you can to add a touch of elegance to the exterior of your home: weed the garden, plant some flowers and slap a new coat of paint on the front door. Before a house tour, it might even be a good idea to step outside and examine the house the way a stranger would.

Sloppy Paint Jobs
It’s usually a good idea to repaint the walls before a staging anyway, but if you do it too quickly, prospective buyers will take note. Make sure you take the time to do a good job painting, particularly around the floorboards and doorframes. If you don’t think you have the time or the expertise to do an interior paint job yourself, hire professionals to ensure it turns out perfectly.

Cluttered Interiors
It’s never cute to showcase your hoarding habits to prospective buyers, but even minimal clutter can make guests feel very overwhelmed and even anxious. Do your best to stage your home the way you imagine it would look if it was less lived-in. Rent storage space if you need to ensure all your non-essential items are tucked away and your home looks as sharp as it possibly can.