Selling can be just as stressful as buying, especially if you live in a desirable neighbourhood. The housing market is notoriously competitive, with flurries of “for sale” signs appearing on front lawns every day. If you’re trying to sell in a hurry, you’ll want to avoid these mistakes.

Pricing too high or too low. It might seem like a pretty amateur error, but plenty of listings are priced incorrectly. Of course, every seller wants to turn over a profit, but if your property is priced too high, it’s not going to sell, even if it’s a veritable dream home. On the other hand, if you undersell your home, you’ll miss out on the profit you deserve. Review the current market value of homes in your area and get informed.

Failing to stage your home. While certain property features (such as the coveted in-ground pool or a renovated master bath) may have leapt out at buyers immediately, that’s probably not enough to sell your home on its own. Staging your home is a vital aspect of selling it. No one wants to buy your home with out of date furniture and kids’ toys lying around. If you can afford to, hire someone to stage your home. Some agents will be kind enough to include this service in their fees.

Skimping on repairs. Prior to listing your home, take the time to invest in some of the repairs you were putting off. Even if you don’t really see the value in replacing the old bay window, a buyer certainly will. In fact, a spruced-up home is almost guaranteed to sell a lot faster than one that hasn’t had any TLC in a decade. Plant some roses, replace the siding and give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Many repairs will be easily paid for by the increase in value they give to your home.

Not using current marketing techniques. These days, only a small percentage of homes are sold at open houses, and few buyers move forward with a purchase they saw in a classified ad. MLS listings are almost a requirement in today’s market, but the most successful REALTORS® use visual social media platforms like Instagram to cultivate an audience and capture the attention of prospective buyers. Showcase your home on Instagram and see the offers start rolling in.