Doesn’t it seem like Canadian kitchens are getting smaller? Whether you have a tiny one in your condo or just lack organization in general, these are some of our favourite tools for organizing your cooking and eating space.

Pretty Baskets
If you’re low on cabinet space, chances are you might find yourself storing items on open shelves, or on your counter. One way to make your visible items a little more aesthetically pleasing is to invest in some Instagram-worthy storage baskets. Whether your style is beachy wicker or rose gold mesh, these are much nicer to look at and more likely to get used.

Airtight Glass Jars
A set of cohesive containers for storing things like grains, beans or dry pasta is not only easier to manage, but much prettier to look at. Not only do they keep your goods accessible and fresher, but some of them are stackable, which makes them easier to store in small spaces. As a bonus, the clear glass makes things easier to identify.

A major key to an organized kitchen is not just knowing exactly where everything is, but what it is. Tackle this by systematically labelling all your jars and containers, using label templates easily found online. Not only does this score major organizational points, but it gives things a more cohesive style, which looks much nicer if they’re displayed outside the cupboards.

A well-lit kitchen makes almost everything easier! If you can’t invest in under the counter or inner-drawer lighting, it’s easy to find LED lights that attach to the inside of cabinets using adhesive. Many of these are motion-sensing lights, which helps conserve energy.

A small kitchen doesn’t have to be dysfunctional! Spend a bit more time and money on some key tools and you’ll be on your way to a Zen—and totally gourmet-ready—cooking space in no time.