Sleep is the most important way we stay healthy and take care of ourselves. Not only is it important just to sleep for the necessary seven to eight hours, it’s important to ensure those hours are quality, uninterrupted, deep sleep. The kind that heals your body and gives you energy for the next day. Here’s how to ensure your bedroom is designed to maximize your sleep wellness.

Keep colours relaxing. While it might seem fun or unique to paint your walls bright red or yellow, these colours will keep you up and awake instead of help you fall into the relaxed state you need to sleep well. Stick to blues and darker or softer tones to ensure your body knows it is time to relax—not time to be up and wired. The colours we surround ourselves with affect our mood, so save the bright colours for your kitchen or living area.

Consider adding a scent. Our bodies are wired to respond to scent. If you constantly smell something during a certain time, you will associate it with that action. That said, if you have issues falling asleep, having a relaxing scent you associate with sleep could help. Get into the habit of using an essential oil diffuser with lavender oil or any other scent you find calming two hours before bed, and you will find that, over time, your body will fall asleep faster once it associates this smell with sleep. Just keep health safety in mind if you plan on using diffusers around pets.

Rethink the lighting. While you might want bright lights that replicate daylight in the rest of your home, in your bedroom it’s best to keep the lighting dim and free of blue light—which will tell your body to stay awake by interrupting the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. A dimmer is an inexpensive way to make the lighting in your room customizable based on the time of day and what you need it for.

Cut the clutter. If your bedroom is where you store all your junk so the rest of your home can appear clean, good luck getting quality sleep. All that clutter causes our bodies to feel anxious which will keep you feeling stressed out and wide awake. Your bedroom should be simple, clean, organized and light. It’s the first area you should clean out if you’re hoping to clear the clutter, because it’s where you need to be the most relaxed in order to sleep.