Outdated kitchens are such a turnoff, particularly since we tend to spend so much of our time in this one area of the home. It’s not always in the budget, or the schedule, to plan a major kitchen overhaul, but luckily there are some easy fixes that can hold you over until your next reno.

Here are five easy ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinets without replacing them. They’re simple and inexpensive, yet still manage to pack a punch.

Go for open shelving. Open shelving is a trendy look right now, allowing you to display everything from plants to your favourite cookbooks to carefully curated dishes. For a quick update, take the doors right off your current kitchen cabinets and enjoy some open shelving. Don’t want to commit? For a subtle accent, try taking the doors off a single cupboard instead.

Paint and wallpaper are your friends. A fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour can be a great way to update dated cabinets. For a stylish look, keep the upper cabinets light in colour while painting the bottom ones in a rich or bold colour. You can even apply wallpaper onto the surface for a striking accent.

Fake custom with crown molding. Adding crown molding to the tops of your cabinetry is a great way to make them look elegant and custom-made.