No matter how old you are, buying your first home can feel like the true threshold to adulthood. Here’s how to upgrade your new home so it reflects a new stage of your life and kisses the rental lifestyle goodbye.

Framed Art
Band posters and oversized flags taped onto the wall have a certain aesthetic to them. But in an adult home? It’s time to frame that art, whether it’s a black-and-white gallery wall or a single statement piece in your living room. Not only does it make art look more finished, but framing a series of pieces in similar frames will give them a cohesive look.

Real Bedside Tables
There may have been a time when milk crates or old stools did the trick, but adulthood and a stylish home require proper bedside tables with adequate lighting. They don’t always have to match, but having a set gives your bedroom a sense of balance, not to mention extra storage space.

You don’t have to have a green thumb to love, or keep, botanicals in your home. If you’re nervous about the commitment, opt for plants that do well with minimal watering or thrive without natural sunlight. Having a touch (or more) of greenery can really add a sense of peace and style to your home.

Proper Window Coverings
Remember when it was cool to hang a giant bedsheet across your window? Not anymore. Give your living room the adult window coverings it deserves, whether that’s bamboo-slate blinds, sheer drapes or dramatic velvet tie backs.

A Full-Length Mirror
Not only do full-length mirrors give the illusion of more light, but they’re a must, for a final check as you run out the door to your very adult job.