Giving your home a refresh before it hits the market and aren’t sure where to start? A recent study from custom furniture retailer, Joybird, revealed just what kinds of design terms users are searching for online. The results might surprise you.

Turns out industrial was the most commonly searched design term. Characterized by raw materials like wood and iron, oversized windows and open, factory-like layouts, this decor trend just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The good news about this style is that even if you don’t have an authentic factory-turned-loft to sell, you can still achieve an industrial vibe with a few selective pieces of furniture.

Is it true that they just don’t make things like they used to? Online users apparently think so. With vintage clocking in as the second most common style searched for, this is great news for sellers that want to show off their antique bay windows or mid-century modern furniture.

Also coming in toward the top of the list is the minimalist look. While especially great news for sellers with small spaces, the minimalist look can also be useful for staging any home regardless of size, as it lets the focus be on the house’s unique features, be it large windows or a great layout.

If ever there was a style that described much of Canada, it would be the rustic look. Think fresh greenery, natural wood elements and cozy textiles for a rustic vibe that’s as functional as it is iconic.

Urban Modern
Stylish, contemporary and a little bit edgy, urban modern is a common request for decor searches too. Think elements of steel, leather and marble for a look that’s reminiscent of a hotel lobby bar. Urban condo sellers might want to take this into consideration when staging for a young professional buyer.