Finding the perfect place to live might be easy if you’re set to stay in your hometown forever, but what if you’re more of an explorer looking to live in various parts of the world? Or you grew up in a small town and want to make a home in the city? There are many elements that go into not only choosing the correct home to buy, but the correct place to live. Here’s what you need to consider:

Weather. While being in Canada means it’s just going to be cold for half the year no matter where you are, there are varying degrees of cold that might play a factor in your choice. The closer you are to the border or the coast, the better the weather will likely be. The further north you go, the more snow you’ll experience.

Culture. This is an important part of the buying process. Maybe you love city life but can’t afford the high price that comes with it. If that’s the case, look for cities that still provide that urban lifestyle you love, at a more affordable price. If you prefer small towns, there’s a big difference between a town of 4,000 and 40,000. Do you want to be completely remote or in reach of most amenities?

Budget. Budget is the main factor in finding your dream home. You might have ideas about buying a 3-bedroom in the city, but what you’re pre-approved for will dictate what parameters you’ll have to look within and which dream home aspects you might have to give up on.

Non-Negotiables. While your budget might mean looking in a different neighbourhood than you ideally wanted, there will be some things on your list that you can’t sacrifice. If you have kids and need three bedrooms, there is no point in looking at that incredible two-bedroom in your dream neighbourhood. Figure out what your non-negotiables are and stick to seeing homes that check those boxes.

Visit. Check out the place in person. This seems obvious, yet for some spontaneous types it might seem appealing to buy sight unseen. The problem of course is—what if you hate it? It checks all the boxes of what you think you want, but you won’t have a clue about how the city, the neighbourhood, the culture really feels until you’ve experienced it first-hand.