Homebuyers are pretty observant folks. In fact, it takes only seconds for a prospective buyer to gain a first impression upon entering a home. And while striking staging or expensive features might catch the eye, you would be surprised at what really contributes to a buyer’s first impression. Here’s what they’re most likely to notice when they first walk in:

If your home is too hot or cool, open house visitors will notice immediately. If you’re selling during the winter, make sure you turn the heat on and allow time for the space to warm up before you leave.

Lingering Scents
Smell is another immediate element that buyers will notice when they walk into a home, and this has downsides as well as upsides. What it does mean is that lingering odours such as strong cooking scents, pets, cigarette smoke or overpowering air freshener will be immediately recognizable and may influence their opinion on the rest of the space. However, it also means that homes that smell fresh and clean are likely to give your guests a good impression. Make sure yours does the latter.

Make no mistake, buyers notice dust in places even you might not! Whether it’s on top of books or accessories, or on baseboards, it’s likely to catch the eye and be off-putting. Make sure you give everything a wipe down before your open house.

Dirty Windows
If you have a killer view or dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows, there’s one sure way to downgrade them: not keeping your windows clean! Buyers are sure to notice windows that are streaky, dirty or smudged, so before you open up your home to potential buyers, make sure you clean both the inside and outside of your windows until they sparkle.