Maybe you’re on a tight deadline to sell your place. Maybe viewings have been booked sooner than you expected and you just haven’t had time to find a quality stager. In the world of real estate, things happen fast, like, really fast. So if you need a quick method for staging your home in the interim, try some of these professional hacks.

Tidy Kitchen Surfaces
A kitchen can be one of those make-or-break spaces when potential buyers are viewing your home. If you’re in a hurry to get your place show-ready, at least put small appliances and things you normally store on the counter away for a clean, minimalist look. This goes for photos and personalized fridge magnets too.

Maximize Natural Light
Before you leave, draw those blinds and open those curtains to let the light into your home. Not only can this make spaces appear larger, but it seems bright and welcoming, especially if you have lots of natural light in your place. If you have time, consider replacing heavy or dark-coloured drapes with minimalist blinds or sheer curtains, which don’t detract from natural light.

More Mirrors
Mirrors are another easy trick for emphasizing light and space. If you have extra wall space or plan to take down some personal artwork, try replacing it with a mirror. These reflect light and make spaces seem larger, especially if the mirror is oversized.

Re-Work Furniture
You don’t even need to spend money for this one! Try placing your furniture in a different arrangement, ensuring it’s easy to move around. This helps create flow and emphasizes the functionality of your space.

Add Luxe Touches
You don’t have to go all out when it comes to emulating hotel style, but staging your home with a few luxury elements can go a long way. Consider a basket of freshly rolled white towels in the bathroom or a fur throw across the master bed.