Dim those lights. Smart light dimmer kits can connect not only to your lights, but to other AI devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest or Sonos. You’ll be able to schedule lights to go on or turn off anytime, anywhere. You can also be alerted when you’ve left your lights on and didn’t mean to.

Smart security camera. With all those expensive electronics you have on hand, you might want to add another: a security camera with night vision. When you have a weatherproof, wireless security system that allows you to see if someone is lurking on your premises even at night, it is sure to give you added peace of mind. These smart security cameras can capture clips and alert you whether you’re home or away.

Video doorbell. Yes, now your doorbell will not only chime but also take a video of whoever is at the door. These newfangled doorbells can also be purchased with two-way voice calling, real-time alerts and smart motion detection.

Electric toothbrushes that recognize your face. Now there is no way someone can mistake your toothbrush for theirs! This toothbrush will also tell you when you’re missing spots during brushing and will give you feedback on the job you’re doing. You can also adjust the pressure of the brush with a built-in pressure sensor.

WiFi range extender. With all these devices in your home, you’ll want to ensure your WiFi signal is optimized. A range extender boosts the WiFi signal for both mobile and wired devices. A small wall plug will increase your coverage and up your WiFi speed.