Any real estate agent in Canada can host an open house with their eyes closed, but it takes someone with some creative savvy to really make those couple of hours rock. Since they’re so routine, some agents may not really give open houses too much thought, but they can be terrific for marketing a property.

Here are some unique ideas to try the next time you open your home’s doors to the public:

Go live. Use social media to the highest degree when planning an open house. Let everyone know on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other media sites about the particulars. And before the open house, go live with a streaming app and do a live tour.

Go BIG with signage. Those rinky-dink corner signs are so minuscule that many people will drive right by them without noticing. Attention-grabbing signs like banners or sandwich boards are more likely to get attention.

The theme tie-in. An open house can really be livened up when you’ve chosen a theme to tie everything in. Chances are, the potential buyers who are coming through have been to more than one open house. Your home will be more memorable if it stands out. They can be really fun and don’t have to be cheesy. Keep it simple and elegant.

The first peek. Let people think they’re getting a jump on seeing your home by holding an open house the very day it’s listed, or shortly thereafter. Generate some buzz by letting people know online that they’ll be seeing the home for the very first time.

Include your neighbours. By inviting your neighbours, purchasers have the chance to meet who they might be living near. Besides, your neighbours might know people who may be interested in moving to the neighbourhood. They could actually be some of the best advocates for your home.

Set the stage. There’s a lot to be said for staging your home so it appeals to everyone. Put away much of your personal items, declutter, and make sure everything is sparkling clean.