As individuals move toward retirement, they may start thinking about what kind of space would be most suitable to meet the needs of growing older. Some may choose to relocate, while others might opt for doing senior-friendly renovations.

Following are some things you might want to ponder as you prepare for your Golden Years.

Less yard work. As we age, we may become a little more limited in what we can do physically. Doing outdoor chores like cutting grass, shovelling snow and keeping up with landscaping might be difficult on older folks. A home that requires little maintenance might be a better option.

Closeness to family and amenities. That spacious country home out in the boonies may have been perfect to raise a growing family, but it might not fit the bill for seniors. Many seniors like knowing they’re close to other family members and to a host of amenities like grocery stores, banks, a hospital and other shops. A home located in such a neighbourhood may be a good choice.

One floor, open plan. Stairs can be dicey and dangerous for seniors to navigate. Finding a home on one floor that has an open floor plan could be an ideal situation. An open floor plan offers the opportunity for a wheelchair or a scooter should the need arise.

Easily modifiable. Buying a home in which the floor plan can be changed or modified easily might best suit seniors. Mobility may become a factor later in life and it would be best to have doorways, hallways and entryways which could be widened or altered to be more accommodating.

Close to public transit. Some seniors may choose, at some point, to stop driving, and so having a home that is close to public transportation would be an important factor in choosing a forever home.

Income potential. Getting older isn’t without its financial considerations. Some may find purchasing a property with passive income potential to be highly attractive. They could live in one unit and rent out the rest. It would give them some extra income during the retirement years.

Accommodates a desired lifestyle. Some retirees want to spend most of their time relaxing on their front porches, while others want to remain forever active. Life considerations should come first. If you still want to be hiking when you’re 80, you might look to a home that’s close to nature trails. If you love dining and shopping, down the street from a mall might be the best location.