How your home looks when purchasers pull up to it may actually help them to instantly fall in love. Curb appeal matters to most Canadian homeowners and first impressions can be everything. A home’s exterior may mean the difference between a purchaser stepping on the gas or hesitating from the get-go.

Take care of the front door. This is the first place to start your spruce up. There is nothing that adds more charm to a home than a pop of colour on the front door. There are so many great hues available today. And while you’ve got the paintbrush in your hand, how about doing the trim and any shutters as well?

New mailbox equals new interest. Whether your mailbox is on your house or at the side of the road, it doesn’t have to be boring! Dress it up with a bright color or some decals. Adding interest and curb appeal doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Numbers that pop! Firstly, your house numbers should be clearly legible anyway in case of an emergency. Make sure your numbers contrast the exterior colour of the home to give it some flair. Who says the numbers have to be black.

An ornamental tree or two. These trees are so pretty and eye-catching. Flowering trees are especially fetching. Think about Jacarandas that have bright purple blossoms from April right through to the end of August. Magnolias are also a favourite. What better way to give your home a burst of freshness?

Flower boxes. If you install flower boxes below the windows and plant a myriad of colourful blooms, you will delight any passersby, not to mention any prospective purchasers. These boxes filled with bright blooms can’t help but elicit a smile and make a home look well-groomed and loved.

Upgrade a light fixture. An outside light is something else that any visitor to your home will notice and there are some wonderful ones on the market today. You can be as modest or as elaborate as you wish. If it’s time to shed some new light on your home, make it attractive to a possible purchaser.

Highlight the walkway. Using bricks or paving stones to line either side of the walkways can make things look organized, neat and tidy. Buyers love it when the outside of a home looks kept up and it doesn’t take much to do. Simply dig a trench along either side of the walkway about one stone wide. Put the stones into the trench and level them all evenly with the top of the walkway in a bed of sand or pea gravel.