When it comes to living spaces, many of us look for the biggest bang for our buck. The following are seven projects you might want to take on that won’t put a huge dent in your wallet, but will really make an impact in your home.

Bed Lift
Transforming your bed with a new headboard will actually give you a chance to use your creativity. Creating a new headboard can be done pretty much on the cheap, depending on your vision. You can even use fabric or a wall hanging as a backdrop to your bed. Letting it fall from a decorative curtain rod is one way to go.

Create a gallery wall of your most loved photos using old or antique frames you can pick up for next to nothing at a thrift store. Mixing and matching ornate and modern frames will give visitors something to talk about while adding interest to a space.

Window Seat
What’s better than curling up with a good book and a hot beverage right in front of an inviting window on a cold day? You could build a window seat from scratch for about $150 or install a movable bench you can buy right under the window. The seat could also double as storage.

Floating Shelves
Shelves that are open are really trending in design right now. Floating shelves are not only aesthetically appealing, but they can add interest to a wall. You can either buy them pre-assembled or make them yourself if you’re handy.

Adding decorative trim to any space can impart a sense of true elegance. You’ll be able to find millwork and pre-cut moldings at home improvement stores. Adding this touch can completely change a room without having to shoulder the cost of an extensive renovation.

If you’ve got places in your home that you’re not utilizing —like under the stairs for instance— maybe it’s time you should be. Adding some shelving under an open staircase and closing that area up might be the perfect “Harry Potter” nook for hiding additional treasures. With space at a premium, you should be using every bit.

Fancy Foyer
First impressions count, so why not add some extra appeal to your entranceway? That entrance can set the entire mood of your home. Consider laying down a fashion-forward area rug or highlighting a lovely entry table with an oversized vase of fresh flowers. Give it a wow factor!