There’s a lot that goes into selling a home. You’re constantly trying to appeal to the senses of prospective buyers, and that means ensuring your abode is pretty much prepared to be shown at any time.

There are some things you can do to alleviate your stress level and to be prepared when you get the call from your agent that a purchaser is ready to go.

Give your yard the occasional spa day. A well-manicured yard is the first thing a purchaser will set eyes on. Trim hedges, pull weeds and keep everything looking green and healthy. Most parts of Canada get mounds of snow in the winter, so if your home is on the market during the colder months, be sure to keep the walkways and drive shovelled.

Close the doors on rooms you don’t use. If there are rooms that are seldom used, try to do without them. Close the doors and lock them if you have young children. Just remember to unlock them prior to your home being shown.

Make it smell yummy. Everyone identifies positively with certain smells. You can easily keep your home smelling delicious by simmering a pot of water on the stove to which you’ve added some orange slices, a cinnamon stick and a few whole cloves. The odour is light and fresh without being overpowering. The smell lingers even when the stove is turned off.

Light on the laundry. Hiding a mountain of laundry from a prospective purchaser is no easy feat. Try doing a load every other day to keep on top of it. It’s much simpler to hide a load of laundry than it is to stuff away baskets full of dirty laundry.

Have easy meals. Meals that are easy to prepare and clean up make you and your family ready for a showing that was just scheduled. You’ll be ready if you get a request for a showing later in the day. Planning on eating a little later than usual may be to your benefit, as well.

Make the beds first thing. If you get into the habit of making the beds as soon as you get up, you won’t have to worry about it later. If your children are old enough, get them to make theirs when they wake up, too.

Start packing. If you know you’re going to be moving, start packing. It’s amazing how much you’ll be able to pack away in a little bit of time. When you’re packing, you’ll be able to sort through some of those things you’ve been meaning to get rid of by either giving them away or donating them to charity. Packing goes a long way toward making your home look uncluttered, as well.