When you bought your home, it might have been its uniqueness that beckoned you to sign on the dotted line. If you decide to sell a home with unique features it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Making your one-of-a-kind home shine may help other Canadian homebuyers see what you saw. Here are seven things that may help your REALTOR® to put that sold sign up sooner rather than later.

A drones eye view. Taking aerial photos of your home gives buyers a new perspective. If your property sits on an impressive chunk of land, this is the perfect marketing tool. For example, if you’ve got a lot of trees on your property or it overlooks a river or sits on a ravine, these are things an aerial shot would be able to showcase.

Use the right marketing to entice the right buyers. Since your home is unlike others, you’re looking for a certain buyer who will appreciate the home’s distinct aspects. With the help of your REALTOR®, you may wish to think about who those buyers might be.

Sweeten the incentives. You might want to consider throwing in some extras when you’re selling. Leaving that large, flat screen TV, the appliances, or even offering an exotic vacation to the buyers may help you to get a deal closed.

Emphasize the best qualities. Rather than focusing on what some would perceive as negatives, focus on what’s great about your home. If you’ve got some tight spaces, take the focus off them and highlight those areas which are light and airy. What’s terrific about your home?  Make that the showpiece of your marketing.

Back up the price with an appraisal. Canadians love getting a deal. They love knowing what they’re purchasing is worth it and maybe worth even more than the money they’re laying down. An appraisal may do that.

Professional home staging. Having your home staged by a professional may change its look completely. Have someone come in who can look at it with a new perspective and concentrate on the buyer demographic. Statistics show homes that have been staged sell quicker and for, or above, asking price.

Pay special attention to landscaping. When your home has a unique floorplan, making the exterior look as attractive as possible is a bonus. You might even want to shell out some well-spent dollars and get a professional landscaper to plant some flowers and shrubs and to keep the lawn green and mowed.