Depending on the layout of your home, you might find yourself dealing with a blank wall and unsure what to do with it. Try making it a focal point with some of these decorating ideas:

Of course, because I am an artist, I say buy art but you could turn it into a gallery wall as well. Think of it as a great space to display your precious photos or art collection. A gallery wall can be as classic or as eclectic as you like.

Cover it in print or textured wallpaper. Sure you could paint your wall, but why not take it one step farther? Peel’n’stick wallpaper can be easily found online or at home supply stores these days, and often comes in a variety of fun prints. You can also find wallpaper that mimics the look of stone, tile or exposed brick, which makes for a unique loft-like feel.

Frame a piece of textile you love. Don’t think that only paper-based art can be hung on your wall. A striking piece of cloth or even a patterned rug can also act as an accent. This is a particularly good way to deal with a larger wall space that requires a large-scale art piece.

Hang open shelving. Short on storage space? Make your unused wall do double duty with some floating shelves. These are equally useful for storing day-to-day items as they are for showcasing art or personal vignettes.

Use moulding to create structure. Hate the idea of a blank wall, but want something subtler than an art display? Create texture with some artfully-placed moulding, which can create a grid, crosshatch or linear pattern. You can easily find moulding at most home building outlets.

Hang plants. Love the leafy, botanical feel? Wall-mounted plant holders are easy to find and are a beautiful and unique way to display small household plants. You can also use hanging planters that mount from either the top of the wall or the ceiling.