Whether you’re hiring someone to touch up a few rooms or having them give your entire home a facelift before putting it up for sale, applying a modern paint colour can have a big impact. The right paint can also make a small space appear larger, distract from an awkwardly-shaped room or evoke a certain mood. Here’s how to use colours to enhance your luxury home’s look:

Taupe Is In
According to a 2018 analysis by Zillow, a taupe with peachy or pink undertones can actually boost home sale prices. Contemporary and neutral, this is a great option for larger spaces that need an upgrade.

Neutrals in the Kitchen
The same study also showed that bold, jewel colours (like red) in the kitchen were likely to reduce sale prices or put buyers off altogether. Yikes! Best to stick to neutrals when it comes to painting the walls of your luxury kitchen.

Dramatic Entrance With a Dark Front Door
A grand front entrance in black, charcoal or a darkly-stained wood can make a stunning first impact for luxury buyers. Remember, the front of your home is the first thing buyers will see as they pull up.

Brown is Out
Homes with a medium or yellow-toned brown may want to opt for a new shade—maybe taupe!—or risk losing value. This tone was popular during the early millennium, but it has a dated look to it.

Paint colour has a surprisingly big impact on a home’s value. If it’s for the exterior, it influences buyers’ first impressions. If it’s interior, luxury buyers know they will have to live with it on a day-to-day basis. It may even distract from your home’s luxury features. That’s why paying attention to wall colours is ke