Your home may be beautiful to you, but that could actually hurt you when it comes to netting a great offer. Why? Because a buyer wants to be able to imagine themselves in a home, and an overly personal design—hello, bright orange accent wall—could make things difficult for them.

But it can be hard to know which shades to pick when it comes to staging your home. If you’re feeling at a loss, don’t worry. Read on for three shades that are sure to please even the most difficult buyer.

Any shade of white. It really is hard to go wrong with a clean, white room. White brightens up even the smallest spaces, and reflects natural light, creating a natural and breezy feel that buyers love. Best of all, a white room can be easily accented by a few bright throw pillows, blankets and flowers. From eggshell to ivory, white is a safe choice for any open house.

Light grey or beige. Martha Stewart famously coined the term “greige” to describe her signature blend of light greys and beige, for a home that looks sleek and contemporary. Colours ranging from taupe, tan and grey are all safe shades for selling a home, neutral enough not to turn off buyers while adding some warmth to a room. If you’ve painted a good deal of your home white, it might be worth it to consider these shades for a bedroom or den, to mix things up a little.

Pastels. If you’re set on colour, keep things light. Pastels can help a buyer imagine a certain room in a new light. Want to attract young couples or growing families? Paint your smallest bedroom a light blue or pale pink, implying that it could make for a good nursery. Trying to attract young professionals? A pale mint is a great colour for a would-be office. If you do choose to paint some rooms in pastels, don’t go overboard—choose one or two that need a little extra pop, instead of creating a multi-coloured home that could put off buyers.