Some condos can seem pretty tiny, but what’s tinier than a camper? Canadians are famous for exploring the great white north in these fun-sized recreational vehicles and, it turns out, they come with some pretty practical decorating advice too.

Use walls for storage or display. While cabinets or shelving might be in short supply, don’t forget about your walls. Use magnetic strips to hold knives or kitchen supplies; wall-mounted hooks to hang mugs; and shallow shelving on walls to store smaller items or plants.

Invest in a sleeper sofa. Convertible sofas can be just the thing for a small space. Not only do they often come with storage underneath, but they can be used for overnight guests without a dedicated guest room.

Stick to a common palette. In a small space with few rooms, keep the eye flowing by having a cohesive palette throughout. Light, neutral colours are often best for small spaces, as they give an airy feel without overwhelming visually.

Use sliding doors. Campers often use sliding or pocket doors to section off spaces and this trick works in small homes or condos too. Swinging doors take up much-needed space, so opt for something that slides on a track.

Use wall-mounted furniture and lighting. To avoid eating up valuable floor space, try incorporating compact, wall-mounted elements into your small space. This could include sconces, floating bedside tables or built-in bookcases