For the discerning buyer, details are everything, including the colour of bathroom walls. Luxury bathrooms should be restful and stylish with features that turn a utilitarian space into something distinctly spa-like. Try these shades:

In 2018, a paint colour study by Zillow found that certain shades of blue actually had the potential to increase the amount a home sold for. In a bathroom, opt for a restful, tranquil shade with grey undertones.

Neutral white is still a mainstay in the world of luxury bathrooms, especially for, say, a compact Canadian luxury condo. It can be equal parts neutral warmth and contemporary style. White bathrooms also make a great backdrop for more decadent finishes—like gold taps—or pops of colour, if that’s your thing.

Variations of grey are another classic neutral that work well in luxury bathrooms. Stone and oak tones, in particular, will bring out some of the darker veins in marble finishes, while still providing a light, airy feel. Depending on the shade, a grey bathroom can feel cool and contemporary or warm and restful.

Painting your luxury bathroom a shade in the tan family will give it a warm, yet modern feel and is neutral enough not to compete with tiles floors or marble countertops. Like some shades of grey, tan can bring out the natural veins in marble and is a great compliment to many colour schemes.