Plant-filled spaces may be all the rage on Instagram, but did you know they can actually be good for your health? Certain plants, according to studies, can reduce pollutants by purifying the air around them. So they not only beautify your space, but they do double duty. The best part? Most of them are easy to maintain, so if you’re worried about your lack of green thumb, these are a great place to start.

Here are some of the best options for improving the health of your space:

Spider Plants
These fast-growing and easy-care plants were a staple of 1970s décor, but they’re making a comeback and boast some healthy perks to boot. Naturally purifying, they love bright, indirect sunlight.

Snake Plants
Possibly the holy grail of low-maintenance greenery, these plants boast richly coloured leaves and can go weeks without water. They’re great in low-light environments and are one of nature’s most effective air purifying plants.

These Ivy-like plants climb fast and thrive without a whole lot of attention. They’re great in a hanging planter or placed on top of a surface like a tall bookshelf where they can cascade downward.

Tall, wispy and decidedly tropical, bamboo palms not only purify the air, but can also increase humidity indoors. They can grow up to 12 feet, making them a dramatic and lush option for living rooms.