Home design trends are always changing, and there’s no doubt it can feel hard to keep up with the best trends. This year, the focus is on creating a unique and welcoming space for yourself and your guests so don’t be afraid to mix-and-match with your favorite trends. Here are some on-trend design ideas you should try this year.

Rich Colors

Rich colors have been trending recently and this year is no different. In sharp contrast to minimalist color trends where whites, grays and neutrals took the lead, rich hues began to pop up in design and doesn’t look like it will take a backseat to other color trends in the near future. This year, embrace your favorite saturated colors and don’t hold back. Go maximalist by painting your room with a cobalt or deep navy blue, or opt for a conservative route by using your favorite options for a pop of color.

Bold Patterns

Bold and fun patterns are not something to shy away from this year. Feel free to temper your choices by coordinating your bold accents with neutral colors and solid fabrics, or choose a brave and quirky option by mixing and matching patterns to create visual interest. This is the year to break the rules when it comes to design choices and find a new unique look that is a perfect reflection of your personal style.

Minimal Mainstays

Minimalism and streamlined neutrals are certainly not out this year. However, the generic and uniform all-white look is starting to lose its impact. Instead of opting for all white, go for a sustainable and earthy look by prioritizing tans, light grays and even light blues or greens. This will add visual interest while keeping your design minimal and simple.

Entertaining Staples

With social distancing a thing of the past, there’s no time like the present to begin focusing on entertaining friends and family. This year, popular furniture and accessory pieces dedicated to entertaining at home are on-trend and a popular option. Large BBQs and meat smokers, outdoor pizza ovens, patio furniture are all excellent outdoor options. For your indoor design choices, opt for modular furniture that can be converted to seat additional guests.

Vintage Finds

Gone are the days that the hot home items were cheaply-made mass-produced items. With eco-friendliness and sustainable living beginning to make a real impact on purchase power,  there’s no wonder that vintage finds are trending in home design. Robust wood pieces will last longer and can add a charm and character to your decor. Don’t be afraid to take that heirloom furniture when your great aunt decides to downsize, your home will be on-trend and you’ll be happy to spend your budget in other areas of your design.