Is your guest home as desirable as it could be? Here are some design trends to consider.

Since guest homes are just smaller versions of your home, they should be just as luxurious and beautiful. They are essentially an extension of your home, of your style and personal taste. Here’s how to ensure this smaller space lives up to the grandeur of your larger space.

Ensure the bedroom is lavish. If space permits, put in a king-sized bed, fitted with the softest, highest thread count sheets that match the room perfectly. Outfit the rest of the room with the finest chairs, ottomans, pillows and blankets you can find from around the world to ensure it feels like the best hotel in the city.

Install smart climate control. We might not think about this for our guest home as much as we do for our own home, but since we don’t always have guests, it’s even more important to ensure that energy isn’t being wasted when no one is there. It’s also a treat for your guest to know they can easily access and control the heat and A/C settings throughout the day for maximum enjoyment.

Don’t forget about the curtains. The lap of luxury comes with gorgeous, lush curtains that can be controlled from any room with a remote. Custom draperies are a mark of fine taste and good design, and help provide that extra special touch that separates your guest home from all the others. Also, don’t forget blackout curtains for the bedroom so your guests can get a good night’s sleep and sleep in as long as they want.

Flowers and greenery take it up a notch. Since guest homes aren’t always in use, it’s extra special for a guest to walk in and find fresh flowers and greenery. It’s not hard to add these to the space to bring that added spectacle, just remember to include it in your gardeners’ list of duties so they remain fresh and well taken care of. 

Turn the bathroom into a mini-spa. While you might not go all out on the full spa experience as you would in your main home, an impeccable bathroom is the mark of fine luxury. A tall glass, walk-in shower with full body jets, a statement tub and heated marble flooring are all worth considering to ensure it provides more than just the standard bathroom experience.