Whether you’re selling your home or just moving in for the first time, you’ll want to ensure you’re designing the most welcoming, beautiful space possible. It’s very easy to forget about this area as it serves a specific purpose and we rarely spend more than a few minutes a day in it. It is, however, the first impression guests receive of your home. It should wow them as much as any other room.

Include a splash of colour. While you don’t want your entire entrance painted in a bold colour, having a pop of something can add texture to an otherwise blank and bland space. It allows you to establish your personal taste without fully putting it on display. It is a taste of what is to come.

Ensure adequate hidden storage. The foremost way we usually ruin our entryway is by letting it become cluttered. This happens because of ineffective (or lack of enough) storage space. You don’t want shoes and jackets lying around for anyone to see, so ensure there are hidden closets and shoe racks available for not only your family but guests, so everything can remain tidy even during the busiest of times.

Dont forget the plants. The entryway is one of the best spots for plants in your home. There are usually windows nearby for adequate sunlight, and they provide an instantly welcoming appeal that showcases the care that you put into taking care of your home. They also provide that pop of bright green colour that can offset all the beige and white tones that tend to dominate entryways.

Go all out with the front door. It is both the first and last thing your guests see when visiting your home. It is an opportunity to showcase your incredible taste and personality, and it shouldn’t be squandered. Big, beautiful doors using bright colours, stained glass or exposed wood will not only make an impact but leave a lasting impression.