Are you one of those people who takes genuine pride in cleaning, tidying and polishing your home before guests come over? Maybe you dread the idea and try to undertake just the bare minimum.

Either way, one common space in your home is much more likely to get overlooked during the cleaning process…and it can make a big impact. Are you ready? It’s your ceiling! Or, more specifically, your light fixtures and those pesky cobweb corners.

Why is this important?
People forget about their light fixtures, or ceiling fans, all the time because they’re focused on cleaning what they can immediately see at eye level. But dust bunnies and cobwebs can build up quickly on ceiling fans and light fixtures, especially those that are elaborate or have many parts to them.

You may also notice this when turning your ceiling fan on for the first time for the season when an unexpected shower of dust comes down. It’s a good idea to make sure this doesn’t happen in the middle of your next dinner party.

How should you clean them?
A duster with a long, adjustable handle is a great way to give those bulbs or fan blades a quick wipe down. Just make sure you’re not looking directly up when you do it so that your eyes don’t get dust particles in them.

Cleaning light fixtures and ceiling fans is one of those tasks that only takes a few minutes, but can have a really big impact. Next time you’re prepping to entertain, do yourself—and your guests—a favour and give those lights a quick swiffering.