There’s just something about a floral arrangement that makes every space look and feel fresher, especially when it’s springtime. Whether it’s a woodsy arrangement with greenery or a bright and colourful bouquet that smells divine, it’s one of the easiest ways to enhance a room. Here are some tips for making the best of your bouquet:

Clean the stems before putting them in your vase. Clearing the stems of any leaves or stems does more than just make your stalks more manageable; it keeps the water cleaner and encourages the flowers to last longer. In addition, lightly crushing the ends of each stem allows them to absorb more water.

Use a rubber band to hold stems in place. If you’re using a tall, narrow vase or working with several different types of stems in a single vessel, try grouping them with a rubber band, which holds them in place. A green rubber band will make it almost invisible!

Change the water regularly. Changing your water every two or three days will make your bouquet last longer and look fuller. If you’re worried about over-watering a delicate plant, try dropping an ice cube into the soil.

Use the penny trick. Dropping a penny into your vase is a good hack for keeping your bouquet healthy. That’s because the copper makes the water more acidic, which keeps bacteria and fungus at bay.

Leave your water out before you replace it. In some parts of Canada, tap water contains trace amounts of salt, chloride or fluoride. If you’re swapping water out or rehydrating your plants, it’s best to use distilled water. However, leaving out a pitcher of water overnight will allow these elements to evaporate before feeding it to your blooms.