Doesn’t it seem like the bigger a house is, the more things you accumulate to fill it with? For many luxury homeowners, this is an ongoing problem. Maybe you’re struggling to get started with your annual spring cleaning. Maybe you’re trying to do a mass purge before putting your home up for sale. Either way, pairing down your things is not a job for the faint of heart. Try these tricks to make it easier:

Remind yourself you’re doing a good deed. You know that StairMaster in the basement that never gets used? Or that slow cooker that you made Sunday dinner in once and then retired to the pantry for the foreseeable future? Selling or donating perfectly good items is a way to give them a new life, and possibly deliver them right into the hands of someone who desperately needs them.

Removing clutter lets your luxury items take center stage. Much like editing a wordy sentence so the meaning rings clear, getting rid of mediocre or underutilized items allows the pieces you really love to shine. Whether it’s furniture, luxurious accent accessories or even a stunning view, keeping things minimalist brings out the best in your existing objects.

There are other ways to create memories. Many times, we are hesitant to get rid of objects that are tied to a memory of someone we love or an experience that moved us. Objects themselves, however, are not the only way to reminisce about people or events. Instead, try taking photographs or writing journal entries, ways that jog the memory without taking up physical space.