Bathrooms are a big deal in a high-end home. Buyers don’t just want a functional or even a trendy space. They want a true retreat that rivals the best Canadian hotel spas. So it’s no surprise that many homeowners preparing to sell assume that the bathrooms are a good place to upgrade, and they’re right. The trick, however, is implementing features and finishes that get you the ROI you need. Here’s where to start:

Vanities With Storage
While a pedestal or minimalist sink has a certain look to it, more storage will always add value to a home. In a luxury bathroom, consider closed storage with wide drawers that slide out and feature high-end hardware. Not only does this look upscale, but it adds functionality.

Double Vanities
Double vanities are an obvious way to add value to a bathroom, especially if there is only one master suite. Nobody likes having to alternate sink space to spit out their toothpaste in the morning. As a bonus, double vanities add more countertop space as well.

Standalone Bathtub
According to a recently analysis from Zillow, adding a standalone tub can add over 20 per cent to a home’s value and it’s easy to see why. What’s better than indulging a spacious soaker tub with a glass of wine, especially during long, cold Canadian winters?

In-Floor Heating
Surprisingly simple to install, electric floor warming systems are a seemingly small touch with big impact. Stepping out of your morning shower onto warm tiles is an absolute dream and the effort to implement is minimal compared to the added value your home will get.