When you’re showing off your home and hoping to attract the perfect buyer, having an executive home office is key. Most luxury buyers will have this on their shopping list, and even if they don’t, it still shows off your home’s versatility. Here’s what features are ideal.

Home offices are best set up in a quiet part of the home with less traffic than the rest. That means away from kitchens, bathrooms or children’s play areas. Even though it might be quieter, resist the temptation to relegate the home office to the basement unless you have to, unless there’s ample natural light down there.

An Executive Desk Chair
If you splurge on one office item when it comes to staging, make it an executive chair. Upholstered in rich leather or contemporary fibre, this gives the space a sense of executive luxury and will make it easy for buyers to see themselves both hard at work and in comfort.

Natural Light
A pleasing home office should have plentiful natural light and, ideally, a view. Nobody wants to work in a badly-lit space, or, on the flip side, under artificial fluorescent lights.

More Than One Function
While a solid desk and chair are key, many luxury buyers use their offices for other tasks too. Staging part of your home office as a compact cocktail station— or with a floor lamp and comfortable lounge chair for reading or casual seating—can give it an edge.

Sound-Proof Features
If you can advertise your luxury office as being soundproof, you’ll undoubtedly appeal to many a business-minded buyer. Whether this means external sound baffling or extra insulation inside the walls, this seemingly small feature can go a long way, especially for those who work at home, which is on the rise in Canada.