While a designer home may be filled with treasured vintage pieces from around the world, there is something to be said about overdoing it. If your hobby is finding the best vintage decor when you travel, you might end up with a lot of valuable items that just don’t quite fit well together once they’re in your home. Here’s what you should be considering.

Avoid mixing different time periods. While you might have found an incredible victorian couch you want to proudly display, it won’t look great next to an art-deco lamp and a mid-century table. To keep it cohesive, try to stay within the same era so items don’t end up looking out of place. If you have a collection of items from different eras that you don’t want to give up, you can always create a different vibe in every room by focusing on different time periods. 

Vintage lighting makes a subtle statement. If you’re not interested in committing to an overtly vintage look, but still want to incorporate some elements, a strong way to add visual impact while still keeping it modern is through lighting. Vintage lights add character to your home without being distracting. From industrial to ornate, options are limitless and can fit into any design aesthetic you might desire.