When it comes to high-end homes, Frank Lloyd Wright’s name comes up often as one of the greatest architects that ever lived. His homes have stood the test of time and are protected and visited by design fans every day. If you’re looking to incorporate his unique style into your home, here’s where you should begin.

Use stained glass throughout. Wright is known for using stained glass to create unique homes that are still beloved today. His Robie House recently reopened after an $11 million restoration project that brought it back to it’s original 1910 glory. The home is considered the finest example of his Prairie School architectural style, with its wrap-around leaded art glass windows.

Feature open floor plans. He made open floor plans what they are today, so a home inspired by his design philosophy would have to feature the same. Spaces should integrate simply from one room to the next, using furniture to separate the space rather than walls. Big windows that show off the natural surroundings are also important. 

Integrate the design with nature. Many of his most beloved designs prominently feature nature built into the exteriors and interiors. Maybe his most famous, the masterpiece ‘Fallingwater’ is a home in Pennsylvania built on top of a waterfall. Consider how you can incorporate nature directly into the architecture of the home.

Use organic architecture. Wright coined the term ‘organic architecture’ to describe his preference for using natural materials such as stone and wood, to create a harmonious home that works with nature instead of against it.

Find an architect who specializes. If you’re really looking for a Wright-inspired home, you can’t use just any high-end architect out there. Wright’s design principals are entirely unique, so your best bet is to find an architect who specializes in his style of design and who has made homes you love before.