When you’re listing your home, your real estate agent is responsible for marketing the property and ensuring it is staged, photographed and presented in the best light. However, there are small ways to give your home the extra edge to ensure a quick sale as the seller. Making several minor updates to your home can appeal to buyers in a significant way. Read on for tips on how to make homebuyers fall in love with your home.

Create a Digital Impression
Work with your real estate agent to bring in a professional staging company and take professional photographs. Your home’s first impression is all digital, so be sure that the online pictures are professional and editorial-worthy.

Start With the First Impression
From ensuring the landscaping is pristine, laying out a fresh doormat, a fresh coat of paint on the front door and updating front door light fixtures, your home’s exterior is your home’s first impression. Making sure the exterior is eye-catching will entice buyers before setting food inside.

Appeal to the Senses
The ambiance of your home plays to a buyer’s emotional side. Making sure the house is odor-free and layering a subtle, pleasant scent is the first thing a buyer will notice. Scheduling a professional deep clean, a professional air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning and sanitizing the garbage disposal will remove any lingering odors. Then, lighting an assuming fragrance, such as a fresh-smelling candle, will provide a subtle scent that doesn’t smell like it’s covering up any odors. Playing soft, instrumental music provides relaxing background sounds.

Highlight Storage Space
Regardless of how many closets your home has and how large they are, a full closet appears smaller than an empty closet. Move half of the belongings in your closet to storage to create the illusion of more space. The same thought goes for shelving and drawers. If there is a door or a drawer to open, homebuyers will do so. Be sure these doors and drawers appeal to everyone’s need for additional space.

Play Up the Natural Light
A home drenched in natural light appeals to nearly every homebuyer. Removing objects that block natural light sources and replacing heavy drapery with breezier curtains or bamboo shades will allow more natural light to come through. Also, make sure the windows are freshly cleaned, to maximize how much sunlight will shine through.

Create Moments
Creating lifestyle-focused vignettes throughout the house can help buyers visualize their own family moments in the house. From styling an outdoor fireplace with blankets and a tray filled with s’more ingredients to styling a window seat with plush pillows, blankets and a stack of books can appeal to a buyer’s home buying imagination.

Swap Out Bathroom Necessities
Swap out your existing bath mats, runners and towels with plush, white versions before showings. This will lend to a spa-like experience and subconsciously signal cleanliness and relaxation.