Heating (and cooling) your home can be one of the priciest expenses in homeownership. But if you know what to invest in, your home can retain all the heat and cool air you need to get through the coldest winters and the most humid summers. A home that is heat efficient may also sell faster, giving you a high ROI, so take the time to make these improvements now, before you’re ready to sell.

Cavity Wall Insulation
If your property was built between 1920 and 1980, there’s a high chance it was built with cavity walls, as that was seen as the best way to trap heat at the time. Nowadays, we have insulation to fill that cavity and trap heat even more. It’s worth investing in this insulation, as it could save you hundreds off the yearly heating bill—a big appeal to potential buyers.

Draught Stoppers
Draft stoppers are affordable, easy to DIY and a simple way to save money. Place them on all outside doors, windows and mail slots to trap heat inside the home.

Triple Pane Windows
If the windows in your property are old, consider upgrading to triple pane. While the Canadian requirement is double pane to ensure heating is retained during our harsh winters, triple pane has the benefit of reducing condensation, being more soundproof and, of course, retaining the heat in the home even more.

Replace the Boiler
If the boiler is more than 15 years old, it might be time for an upgrade. An old boiler will be less energy efficient, costing more over the year. If you find it difficult to get your home to stay at the right temperature, or you find that your hydro bill is suddenly higher than usual, that might mean it’s time to have a professional inspect it. A new boiler will also appeal to potential buyers.