If you have a small bathroom, it doesn’t have to mean dialing down on the upscale factor. Here are some ways to make space and up your luxury game in a small bathroom.

Opt for heated flooring. The good news about smaller bathrooms is that they take much less energy to heat! Choosing to install heated flooring makes a huge difference during those long Canadian winters and will make your tiny bathroom feel truly luxurious.

Replace the toilet. Toilets made even just a few years ago tend to be bigger and clunkier than today’s sleek models. An older toilet can eat up valuable space in a small bathroom so upgrading to a new model can give you back that space, not to mention help save water.

Consider alternate vanity shapes. Sometimes a small or unusually-shaped space calls for something a little different. Try a corner vanity or one that’s slightly rounded, both of which feel less bulky than a classic rectangular shape and may fit awkward spaces better. If you feel like splurging, go custom!

Float the vanity. There’s no need to forgo a built-in vanity in a small bathroom, but the style you choose will make an impact. Opt for a luxury model that “floats” at least a few inches off the floor, which makes spaces feel airier and is easier to keep clean.

Go minimalist. Small luxury bathrooms will always seem more spacious with clean lines and neutral colours. Opt for a neutral curtain or simple glass partition in the shower, sleek finishings and avoid bold artwork.