Home decor trends come and go, but classic, traditional style is forever. The luxury interior designer plays the unique and special role of curating a space that is both personal and stylish, elegant and cozy. As an increasing number of homeowners transition from the Scandinavian minimalist look that pervaded design magazines last year, designers look to new trends for inspiration. When it comes to mixing trends, here’s how to make sure your home still looks cohesive.

Integrate leather into an otherwise sleek living room. There will always be something trendy yet timeless about leather. It calls to mind luxury pastimes like old gentlemen’s smoking rooms, upscale cocktail bars and hunting lodges. Whether it’s a reading chair, a loveseat, or a whole couch, distressed leather can make an excellent statement piece in a room that is otherwise sleek. It’s easy to completely change the feel of a minimalist room by adding this one piece.

Fill the space with personal items. A problem many homeowners encounter when they travel frequently, or spend the majority of time at their other home, is creating a home that looks loved and lived in. While you may not be able to stay rooted for too long, you can still make your home look like it’s yours. A great designer will help incorporate your favourite pieces from your travels or find you items from all around the world that speak to your personal taste and add character to the space.

Add a touch of colour. While neutrals might be the ultimate mark of sophistication, too much grey and white can make a space look drab. Incorporate a small splash of colour with throw pillows or a velvet couch in a bright hue. Hang a piece of exotic abstract art or commission an original piece that represents your family’s personality. 

Find the perfect chandelier. Chandeliers remain timeless marks of class and upscale elegance. You might have found the chandelier of your dreams on your last trip to Paris but remain unsure if it fits into any of the rooms in your home. The right team will help you figure out just which space in your home it will work in and can use it as a centerpiece to build and design the room around.