When you bought your home, the fact that it’s on a busy street obviously didn’t affect your decision. Now that you’re ready to sell, it may be an issue for some purchasers. Just remember, though, that you bought the place even despite the busy street, so know that the right purchaser will come along.

In the meantime, here is some information you might want to note to help you get an accepted offer on your home:

Be realistic. Your REALTOR® uses a series of data to come to a price for your home. They’re pros who have been trained in evaluation processes. If you start comparing your home to others that aren’t in busy locations, you may not be taking that into account. Data shows that homes on busy streets usually sell for about 10 per cent less than comparable homes located in quiet neighbourhoods. Your salesperson will help you to price your home accurately.

Revisit landscaping. When purchasers see a home on a busy street, taking their minds off the location is wise. If your home is beautifully landscaped, a purchaser may be focused on that rather than the vehicles whizzing by. It’s really difficult for pavement and cars to compete with a lush, manicured lawn and rows of brightly coloured plants and flowers. The more attractive you can make the front of your home, the more likely the fact that it’s on a busy street won’t matter to a prospective purchaser.

Use landscaping as a barrier. Separating your home from the street may make it more attractive and shield it from street traffic. Consider adding a stone wall, a wood fence or tall shrubs. A fence can also act as a noise barrier. Fencing is especially appreciated by parents with young children, as well as those with pets. A water feature like a fountain would work well to mask the din of traffic, as well.

Backyard oasis. Now that you’ve prettied up the front of your home, it’s time to give the backyard some love. Make the space so appealing that your purchasers won’t even be aware that they’re on a busy street. In addition to a lovely lawn, plants and flowers, you might want to set up a pergola or an arbour under which you have welcoming and comfortable outdoor furniture. If bylaws allow it, you might want to include a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen area. Anything that makes purchasers “ooh” and “ahh” and helps them to envision themselves living in the space is a plus.