What happens when you’re getting ready to stage your home and find yourself grappling with … gasp … an unused basement? For a home that’s staged to the tenth degree and set up to showcase its gleaming marble and lavish entertainment spaces, a basement that’s sitting empty is kind of a downer. Here’s how to show off its potential to buyers:

Mimic a guest suite. If you have the space, why not subtly suggest to potential buyers that the basement could act as a nanny suite or opulent guestroom? Set up a bed, a reading nook and a small bistro or seating area, and maybe even a cocktail bar or coffee cart.

Suggest the perfect spot for a home cinema. Make buyers see the space as a potential place to kick back and enjoy some cocktails and a Netflix marathon, especially on a snowy or rainy weekend. Some well-placed armchairs and a flat-screen TV might get their imaginations going. Bonus points if you set out a coffee table with a bottle of wine in an ice bucket and some snacks.

Upgrade your laundry. Sometimes the best thing to do with a large-scale unused space is to turn it into the laundry room of your dreams. Buyers put a lot of stock into laundry rooms that are both functional and pleasant to be in. So splurge on full-size appliances, upgrade the flooring tiles and make sure to include plenty of space for folding, hanging and storage.