Next to kitchens and bathrooms, it’s bedrooms that often catch the eye of luxury buyers. These kinds of buyers want an end-of-day retreat that’s a true oasis: spacious, tranquil and with all the high-end features buyers have come to expect. When staging your home to appeal to this demographic, keep these tips in mind:

Buy the biggest bed you can. While keeping in mind that a bed should still have room on either side, comfortably, for nightstands, buy the biggest size bed that will fit the space. Nothing says “retreat” like a luxuriously-made up, king-sized bed..

Pay attention to sheets and other textiles. Rich, touchable fabric can really set the mood in a bedroom, especially in materials like silk and mohair. Bedding in neutral colours with a selection of cushions and pillows can evoke a restful vibe, while layers add a cozy, elegant vibe.

Neutral shades are key. When trying to invoke a tranquil atmosphere, it’s often best to go with neutral colours for walls, floors, window treatments and other textiles. This provides a calming, cohesive palette, while making spaces feel larger than they really are.

Opt for minimalist accessories. Try removing clutter from nightstands or other surfaces. Lamps are fine, as are the odd accessory in a high-end material like marble or gold, but avoid too many items that impact the tranquility. Often a bed and nightstands, and maybe a plush armchair or upholstered bench at the foot of the bed, are all you need.

Add some tasteful botanical elements. Why not add a natural scent to the room and an exotic feel with a bouquet of white lilies or other fragrant blooms? A simple floral arrangement, freshly prepared, can give an edge to your luxury bedroom staging.