When you’re selling your home, a large-scale staging done by a professional can seem like a sure-fire way to get it looking its best and impress potential buyers. Not everyone has the budget or inclination for that, however. These simple tricks for freshening up your spaces are a great alternative!

Set the table. Simple place settings using minimalist dishware, polished cutlery and placemats, arranged in a trendy pattern or modern color, can soften the dining area and provide an upscale restaurant vibe.

Add a diffuser. Scent is often the first thing people notice when they walk into a house. Investing in a small, contemporary diffuser will have your home smelling as good as it looks, even when you’re not there.

Save on new cushions by just buying covers. Adding new cushions in a fun seasonal pattern or a luxurious texture can be a great staging trick. Save money by buying the covers separately and inserting the filling.

Match planters and vases to your color scheme. Spray paint basic glass or metal vases and planters so they better showcase your botanicals and compliment your colour scheme. You can keep them neutral or add a pop of colour.

Update your entryway with stylish coat hooks. Enhance a basic foyer with some artful or contemporary coat hooks. These can dress up an empty wall and provide space to hang hats or display scarves.

Staging isn’t always about new furniture or overhauling entire rooms, although sometimes that’s necessary. It can also be about adding some stylish finishing touches that give your space that little something extra.