Since the kitchen is the heart of most homes, it’s a common place for homeowners to overhaul, whether they’ve just purchased a home or are prepping for sale. And while it can be fun to fantasize about a colourful kitchen, making the space too unique can decrease your home’s value. Here’s what you should know about painting your own kitchen.

When in doubt, go for neutrals. Modern, neutral shades like white, gray and taupe are almost always fail-safe when it comes to attracting buyers. These colours look attractive in all kinds of light and match almost every kind of appliance or countertop.

Stick to one wall colour. Accent walls have their place, but rarely is it in the kitchen. When painting, it’s best to stick to a single colour for all the walls, as well as the ceiling. This allows any unique features—artwork, appliances, dishware—to take center stage.

Use contrast in moderation. On the other hand, contrast used in a subtle fashion is increasing in popularity and gives kitchens a modern edge. White cabinets and butcher block counters, for example, can be unexpectedly chic. We’re also seeing an increase in upper and lower cabinets painted in contrasting shades. Sound like too much? Consider opting for white cabinets with contrasting hardware, like matte black handles.

A paint refresh can really brighten up your kitchen. If you’re just starting out or prepping your home for sale, however, stick to neutrals, consistency and think about contrast in moderation.